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Infinity Performance

We do all maintenance work on Motorcycles.. Turbo n nitrous on bikes.. We install and tune Power commander. Bazzaz and Rapid Bike fuel.. We also fit HM, Dynojet and Infinify QuickShifters. As well Flash Tune all Stock bike ecu.. Also being the world no 1 remapper of BMWs and Ducati..
We are tuners to UAE Motorcycle Championship Champion winning bike Mehmoud Tannir as well as the Ducati Class Championship winning bike.

Dyno Tuning 

Dyno Tuning of all Aftermarket Management Systems

ECU Tuning/Flashing (Petrol & Diesel)

Diesel Vehicles

DPF and EGR off on Diesel Vehicles

DTC Removal

Popcorn Limiter

Launch Control

Petrol Vehicles

Stage 1, 2 and 3

Custom Big Turbo Tunes

VMax Removal

DTC Removal


Maintenance & Upgrades

Complete Maintenance on Cars and Bikes

Custom Fabrication

Exhaust Downpipes Boost Pipes



Water Meth Kits

Quickshifters for Bikes

Offering a solution to all your vehicle tuning needs.

The only shop in South Africa to do Ecu remapping on All Petrol and Diesel cars and Motorcycles ranging from stage 1, stage 2 and full custom big turbo conversions.

From Our Clients

Reliability and customer satisfaction is our aim with every vehicle we work on. An Unforgettable Experience is what you'll have with us, as a many customers have quoted.

Never gives up very respectable.
Passion for what they do

Ronan Juries

Excellent service. The Tuner is hands on and invites the customer to understand the tuning aspect of his vehicle. Happy to explain and review areas of concerns. Highly recommended experianced tuner

Zaakir Khan

“Very happy with the power I gained on my N/A car. The customer service was great as well”

David Wilson

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For tuning, mechanical work, fault finding, diagnostics, software Remapping and more do not hesitate to contact us.